A visit to Adare Village

Hello, lovelies!

Last weekend mother nature suprised us and allowed the sun to come out and play and since we see so little of the sun in my current part of the world, we couldn’t dare to say no.

There are so many places in Ireland that I want to visit but on a nice day like this, I thought it would be a lovely town in a neighboring city.

Adare, what a special town! So rich in culture and color, it is definitely a town to visit.

We hit the town at about 2 pm as the sun played hide and seek behind the clouds in the sky. You can never know what how to dress in Ireland so it is always safest to dress warm and the take off the layers as needed.

I went with a mustard front twist knot jumper, a pair of black jeans and trainers. The plan was to walk and experience the town as much as we could.

We parked on the side of a very busy street as it seemed like no one in the country was going to miss a chance to enjoy the sun.

We walked through what seemed like the busiest and happiest little town I have ever seen. As we walked along the main street hand in hand with my husband, I caught a few glimpses of people tapping each other and staring at us as though we were such a peculiar sight.

We walked on admiring what looked like a scene from the medieval times- minus the clothing. We watched as the villagers stopped to greet and chat with each other. They happily inquired about each other’s well-being and commented on what a lovely day it was. No one was in a hurry to move on at all. Car drivers gently hooted at each other and waved as a sign of recognition. At some point, a gentleman walking towards us smiled gently and exclaimed, “I hope you enjoy the weather here today. You came on a great day.” This, I noticed, was not just small talk. His eyes betrayed the genuinity and communicated that he was indeed happy for us that our decision to visit coincided with the sun’s rare appearance.

The main street is filled with small but lovely restaurants, pubs, boutiques and shops that stand out, each with its own character.

The fascinating thing about the town was the traditional grass-thatched cottages embedded in the heart of it. Oh, what a sight! There is something about an ancient town that just speaks to my heart. I picture all the Irish men, women and children that once walked these streets in the centuries that passed.

I kid you not, besides the fact that I would have been a slave, I would have loved to be alive in the medieval times. There is something about cottages, castles and horseback carriages that really appeals to me.

After touring the town for what seemed like ages, the sounds in our hungry stomachs had become impossible to ignore so we set off to look for somewhere to eat.

I am not sure if it was due to the fact that it was a sunny day, but all the open pubs were full and we, therefore, couldn’t get seated.

A quick look at Professor Google led us to the extremely prestigious Adare Manor. Lads, this is the most luxurious place I have ever been to or seen- and I have seen quite a few in my day. This was more than luxury- it was royalty. ‘Queen of England’ kind of royalty.

First of all, there are three concierges at the gate with royal looking attire. Okay, I know what you are thinking- ‘all hotels have overly dressed concierges.’ Right! Yes, they do, but these ones we dressed like the royal guards only in black and they were at the gate, not just at the hotel door.

Anyway, we drove up to the gate only to be told that the hotel was fully booked and we could not have lunch there. Disappointed, we asked if we could drive up to take photos.

Maybe it is my rural-urban migration speaking but it must be the most beautiful place I have ever seen. It is a title short of being a palace. We only managed to see the outside which was a gorgeous garden that stretched out into acres on a golf course. Clearly, we were way out of our league.

We decided to head out to Limerick city to find food there instead. On the way, I looked up the Adare Manor as I was determined that my husband and I would be coming back for our anniversary in July. To my utter dismay, not only was the Manor out of our league in appearance, but also the price- which was even further out of our league than their fancy gardens and golf course.

Just to be clear, the options for a deluxe double bedrooms are between €700 and the suite is €2700 per night. This is not just out of our league, it is out of our universe. How do we even breathe the same air as people that can afford to pay this kind of money for just one night (meals not included)?

Ok so we definitely couldn’t afford to stay here, but dinner here and maybe a spa treatment would be a lovely treat. Laughing out loud! The cheapest price for dinner was €120 per person and don’t get me started on the spa. The day I pay those prices for food and a spa, I better be eating an everlasting meal and getting an antidote for aging.

So that dream was written off the bucket list as quickly as it was put on.

We drove to Limerick and all roads led to the Texan Steakhouse which we had found on Google. The funny thing was that we had eaten here the last time we were in Limerick in 2016 but didn’t realize it until we walked into the restaurant’s familiar environment. That goes to show how predictable my husband and I are when it comes to food. We will always go to the restaurant that sounds like it serves the best meat. And what better place than a steakhouse?

The Texan Steakhouse did not disappoint. The food was amazing and the service was great. I am not an expert on food so I am not going to pretend to review the food in detail. All I know is that it was a good meal but and only cost us a decent amount of €62 for a three-course meal for two.

After a lovely hectic afternoon of walking and exploring Adare village, and a heavy late lunch, it was time to call it a day and head back home.

I must say, it was definitely a trip worth making.