Touring Killarney on a Horse and a Bike

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Great to see you back on my blog. If you are new, welcome!

Last weekend brought us to the gorgeous Killarney which is west of Cork. I had planned a romantic night of relaxation with my hubby and while there and decided to blog about it.

We left home on Friday afternoon and drove 85km west to the lovely Killarney town. This must be my favorite place in Ireland thus far- after Cork, of course. Almost like the Cork people, Kerry people a very jovial, welcoming and are quick to start a conversation with a willing stranger.

The first day was a romantic experience for hubby and I, so I will not bore you with the details on here.

You can never trust the weatherman in Ireland but every now and then, he is on point- mostly when the weather is predicted to be unfavorable. Obviously, we were hoping for a lovely, sunny spring weekend but we got a dry and mostly overcast day. When you live in this part of the world, the weather is grand as long as it is accompanied by the word ‘dry’.

We spent the night in Killarney Riverside Hotel, which is a four-star hotel just a few kilometers from the town center. The hotel was good enough and the staff is really good, but in my opinion, the hotel does not deserve four stars.

The room was very clean and comfortable but quite small and basic- really nothing to write home about. The bathroom was adequate but did not have travel size toothpaste and toothbrushes which I expected it to have and therefore hadn’t packed any of our own. (Don’t worry, we bought some in the shops, of course).

After indulging in Mug and Bean breakfast every day for 2 whole weeks during our holiday to Cape Town in December, the breakfast served at the hotel was a huge letdown. It was so basic, unflavored and not inviting at all. The only thing I loved about it was the croissants and pork sausages served.

After breakfast, we drove down to the town to see what it has to offer. We found parking on the main street and walked down to the horse carriages where we were offered an hours ride around the Killarney national park.

If you are ever in Killarney, I recommend that you do one of these rides- they are phenomenal!

Our horse’s name was Suzy and the man in charge was Olly. Oh, what a pair! The fascinating thing to me was that Suzy seemed to know the land pretty well. She knew exactly when to stop so we could get out and take pictures, she knew when to go faster and when to slow down without being prompted by Olly even once. I am officially buying a horse! 😂

Olly was such a great tour guide and such a laugh. We laughed almost all the way through our tour as his commentary was hilarious. The national park itself is nothing short of amazing and full of life. On a spring day like this one, there were lots of flowers that had only recently blossomed and lots more that were only just budding. Got me thinking that a trip here in May when all the life is newly blooming might be a great idea.

We saw lake Lough Leane which is the biggest of the Killarney lakes and a host to a handful of small islands. The streams were flowing calmly through the park which made for a wonderful water flow sound throughout the journey. A herd of deer grazed peacefully with only a young male one raising his head to ensure we were of no danger to the herd. People walked and jogged passed and children played all through the park.

We journeyed by the Lough Leane on which Olly pointed out to us the worlds smallest island which only has space for two but is too close to the shore that no monkey business can ever go on there.

Our final stop was the Ross Castle. I need not remind you of my LOVE for castles. Although most people just go to these for a good photo, to me, they represent such a rich history. Whenever I am in a castle I imagine the people that probably lived, worked and passed through here. Were they as happy as I am to be here? Was the castle owner a good person? Were the workers treated well? Those are the questions that run through my mind when I am at a castle. Of course, I got some shots and at the end of the tour, we headed back to the town.

Our next stop was Lyne’s bike rental to get some bikes. Killarney is biking central. Everyone is on a bike here and you know- when in Rome… The process was quick and easy enough and only cost us €20 together for the half day. (It is €20 per person for the full day)

If you are traveling with passengers at the back, I recommend a bike rack as the bikes will obviously not fit in the car. If you are traveling just one or two people, they will fit in the back of the car although you have to be a bit clever in the way you put them in.

Back to the story! We drove down to the Muckross where we decided to park our car and ride our bikes around the grounds. I hadn’t ridden a bike since I was about 13 years old so I was more comfortable riding along the longer route which had fewer people in case I knocked someone dead. Oh, my was this fun! It reminded me of the good old days when my siblings and I would ride our bikes all day long in the suburbs. We would hold bike riding competitions with the other kids in the neighborhood and my little brother was always a champion biker.

Anyhow, if you are visiting Killarney, do visit the Muckross house and take a guided tour. It is definitely worth the effort. We didn’t go to the Muckross Abbey as we had to get something to eat and head back to the hotel for a spa appointment.

I will not ramble on about the spa as I feel it was a very personal experience.

For dinner, we went to Treyvaud Restaurant in Killarney town which was absolutely lovely, to say the least. On our way back from dinner, we bumped into a really lovely group of gentlemen who offered to take a photo of us. A few even jumped into the photo themselves. What a laugh!

The rest of the evening’s activities were a bit too personal and I will not delve into them here. You see, whenever hubby and I go away, the day’s activities are for the blog and the evening’s activities are reserved for quality ‘us time’- which y’all don’t want to hear about anyway. I shall leave you to let your imaginations go wild. 😉

Here are a few tips I picked up during our weekend in Killarney.

TinyTip1: You would rather stay in a Bed & Breakfast as most hotels in Killarney are way too highly priced and honestly not worth the hype in my opinion.

TinyTip2: You have to pay for street parking so travel with some coins if necessary.

TinyTip3: The best time to visit Killarney is in May. This is when the plants, trees, and flowers are new and freshly grown-up ready for the summer. It’s almost like they were off rehearsing the show for the summer tourists during the winter and May is when they put on their first full show. Also if you want to avoid the peak season crowds, May is the best time of the year.

As usual, leave a comment below, like and follow my blog if you would like to see more of these posts.

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Your humble Boujee traveler.


Moving to Cork

Hello again!

So you have all heard the story of our move to Seychelles. Now, I talk about our move to Ireland.

When most people hear that we moved from the tropical island to the latter rainy one, they are not slow at expressing their utter disbelieve.

Let me tell you something about Cork. She has got one hell of a character! Although rainy, it boasts a very green landscape even in the middle of winter. The people here are ever so pleasant and take a couple of minutes out of their day to ask how you are doing. If you ask the total African to me, it is a little taste of home, only that here people are more respectful of your privacy.

I will not lie, in all the cities I have lived, I have felt most at home in Cork.

It was a cold, dark Sunday morning when my husband picked me up from the airport the day I arrived in Cork. Usually, when I get off a plane and walk into new territory, I am greeted with a sense of wonder and worry about whether or not I will like the place. When I got off the plane in Cork, although I was hit in the face by the coldest air I had ever breathed and welcomed by the dullest grey sky I have ever seen, I was also greeted at the immigration gate by the warmest smile I had ever seen. I felt at home right away.

My first year in Cork was filled with uncertainty. I was not working, and although my husband had a good job to sustain us and our fur baby, we still had such a tight budget at the end of each month.

My how life had changed. I have always been a hard worker- a trait I pulled from my dad. Even when I was in college and got all my bills paid by my parents, I hustled myself a job as an Au pair so I could be a little bit more independent.

I got my first job as a call center agent in 2017. Yes, people, I was picking up calls from nasty people who insulted, threatened and shouted at me quite often when I told them something they didn’t want to hear. Strangely enough, I didn’t actually mind that job. It was much better than the alternative of sitting home and playing ‘housewife’- a gift I have always admired but was never fortunate enough to acquire. This job was exhausting, but my salary was supplementing my husband’s salary and I could now afford to adopt this consumerism culture of the west. A culture I absolutely love and respect. (Don’t judge)

Towards the end of summer, after a few months in the call center, I got ‘dream’ job as a preschool teacher. I say ‘dream job’ because I have never wanted to be anything else, however, working in Europe puts a whole other meaning to the word ‘work’. You earn every single cent you make through tears and seat here.

You cannot be a minute late for work, so for those of us that have grown up in the tropics where life comes to a halt when it rains, this is a hard adjustment to make.

You can not go for hospital appointments without permission from your employer. You cannot dictate when you want to make your hospital appointment and the hospital only opens from 9 am to 5 pm. In short, you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. You either risk getting fired, or getting dead.

Most employers will only give you a legal maximum of seven minutes to go to the bathroom per day so even you bathroom breaks have to be well planned.

To say I have grown up while working in Europe is the understatement of the year. I feel like I should get a universally recognized award for the amount of growing up I have done in the short time I have done it in.

On my first day, as I walked out from the military camp I called work, I called my mother and told her I wanted to come home.

Two years down the line in Cork and I will tell you, it is the best decision we ever made.

Here are a few tips for you if you plan on moving to Cork.

1. There is a housing crisis in the whole of Ireland so it is extremely difficult to get a house, so start looking early enough.

2. Rent in Cork city is extremely expensive. If you are a family, budget about €1200-1600 depending on the area you choose. If you are a couple or individual and want save some money by sharing, you are looking at about €300-700 pet room. The closer to the city, the more expensive.

3. Look for roommates on facebook pages. Here is a good one. Please exercise caution when meeting people over the internet.

4. If you have a car, look into renting a house outside the city. You might have a 30-45 minute commute if you work in town but it will save you up to €700 er month depending on where you decide to live.

5. If your driving licence is anything other than EU, check if your country has a special treaty with Ireland. You might be able to exchange your license for an Irish one without going from scratch. Click here for more information.

6. If your driving license is not from the EU of from a country in any of the above mentioned category, you will have to go through the whole process of getting a new license.

7. Resgister yourself with a General Practioner as soon as you arrive in order. Click here for information

8. Depending on your financial state, you might be able to get a medical card or GP card (you don’t pay for public medical services in hospitals, GPs or clinics).

9. If you are working, contact the tax office to find out about what tax credits you have. Lots of people don’t realise the different tax credits they are entitled to and end up paying higher taxes.

10. If you are married or in a civil partnership, and your partner is not working, you might be able to claim their tax credits. Contact Revenue for more information about this.

11. If you are liking for furniture, baby items, household items etc and you don’t want to spend a fortune, you can buy them second hand from this Facebook page or Done Deal

If you are reading this and you moved to Cork, I’d love to hear your own views and experiences.

If you have recently moved to a new area, I’d love to here from you too.

Till next time, good people.



A visit to Adare Village

Hello, lovelies!

Last weekend mother nature suprised us and allowed the sun to come out and play and since we see so little of the sun in my current part of the world, we couldn’t dare to say no.

There are so many places in Ireland that I want to visit but on a nice day like this, I thought it would be a lovely town in a neighboring city.

Adare, what a special town! So rich in culture and color, it is definitely a town to visit.

We hit the town at about 2 pm as the sun played hide and seek behind the clouds in the sky. You can never know what how to dress in Ireland so it is always safest to dress warm and the take off the layers as needed.

I went with a mustard front twist knot jumper, a pair of black jeans and trainers. The plan was to walk and experience the town as much as we could.

We parked on the side of a very busy street as it seemed like no one in the country was going to miss a chance to enjoy the sun.

We walked through what seemed like the busiest and happiest little town I have ever seen. As we walked along the main street hand in hand with my husband, I caught a few glimpses of people tapping each other and staring at us as though we were such a peculiar sight.

We walked on admiring what looked like a scene from the medieval times- minus the clothing. We watched as the villagers stopped to greet and chat with each other. They happily inquired about each other’s well-being and commented on what a lovely day it was. No one was in a hurry to move on at all. Car drivers gently hooted at each other and waved as a sign of recognition. At some point, a gentleman walking towards us smiled gently and exclaimed, “I hope you enjoy the weather here today. You came on a great day.” This, I noticed, was not just small talk. His eyes betrayed the genuinity and communicated that he was indeed happy for us that our decision to visit coincided with the sun’s rare appearance.

The main street is filled with small but lovely restaurants, pubs, boutiques and shops that stand out, each with its own character.

The fascinating thing about the town was the traditional grass-thatched cottages embedded in the heart of it. Oh, what a sight! There is something about an ancient town that just speaks to my heart. I picture all the Irish men, women and children that once walked these streets in the centuries that passed.

I kid you not, besides the fact that I would have been a slave, I would have loved to be alive in the medieval times. There is something about cottages, castles and horseback carriages that really appeals to me.

After touring the town for what seemed like ages, the sounds in our hungry stomachs had become impossible to ignore so we set off to look for somewhere to eat.

I am not sure if it was due to the fact that it was a sunny day, but all the open pubs were full and we, therefore, couldn’t get seated.

A quick look at Professor Google led us to the extremely prestigious Adare Manor. Lads, this is the most luxurious place I have ever been to or seen- and I have seen quite a few in my day. This was more than luxury- it was royalty. ‘Queen of England’ kind of royalty.

First of all, there are three concierges at the gate with royal looking attire. Okay, I know what you are thinking- ‘all hotels have overly dressed concierges.’ Right! Yes, they do, but these ones we dressed like the royal guards only in black and they were at the gate, not just at the hotel door.

Anyway, we drove up to the gate only to be told that the hotel was fully booked and we could not have lunch there. Disappointed, we asked if we could drive up to take photos.

Maybe it is my rural-urban migration speaking but it must be the most beautiful place I have ever seen. It is a title short of being a palace. We only managed to see the outside which was a gorgeous garden that stretched out into acres on a golf course. Clearly, we were way out of our league.

We decided to head out to Limerick city to find food there instead. On the way, I looked up the Adare Manor as I was determined that my husband and I would be coming back for our anniversary in July. To my utter dismay, not only was the Manor out of our league in appearance, but also the price- which was even further out of our league than their fancy gardens and golf course.

Just to be clear, the options for a deluxe double bedrooms are between €700 and the suite is €2700 per night. This is not just out of our league, it is out of our universe. How do we even breathe the same air as people that can afford to pay this kind of money for just one night (meals not included)?

Ok so we definitely couldn’t afford to stay here, but dinner here and maybe a spa treatment would be a lovely treat. Laughing out loud! The cheapest price for dinner was €120 per person and don’t get me started on the spa. The day I pay those prices for food and a spa, I better be eating an everlasting meal and getting an antidote for aging.

So that dream was written off the bucket list as quickly as it was put on.

We drove to Limerick and all roads led to the Texan Steakhouse which we had found on Google. The funny thing was that we had eaten here the last time we were in Limerick in 2016 but didn’t realize it until we walked into the restaurant’s familiar environment. That goes to show how predictable my husband and I are when it comes to food. We will always go to the restaurant that sounds like it serves the best meat. And what better place than a steakhouse?

The Texan Steakhouse did not disappoint. The food was amazing and the service was great. I am not an expert on food so I am not going to pretend to review the food in detail. All I know is that it was a good meal but and only cost us a decent amount of €62 for a three-course meal for two.

After a lovely hectic afternoon of walking and exploring Adare village, and a heavy late lunch, it was time to call it a day and head back home.

I must say, it was definitely a trip worth making.

Enjoy Kinsale on a budget

Hello, lovelies!

A week ago, a group of friends and I decided to take a drive down the South West Coast of Cork to Kinsale. It was a bank holiday in March so we were hoping for a good weather- and by good weather, I mean at the very least a few blue patches of sky and definitely no rain.

The day rolls by and we had a whole 6 degrees Celsius, a beautiful sun, and a full blue sky. It was the first glorious day we had seen in weeks and we were not about to waste it indoors. You never know when the next ‘good weather’ day is going to come along around here.

So we grabbed our coats, scarfs, and mittens and headed down to a lovely town called Kinsale. If you are visiting Ireland or even if you have lived here for a few years like me and are in the mood to take a 30-minute drive, please do make Kinsale your destination. I shall tell why.

We set off around 2 pm and headed towards on the starting point of the Wild Atlantic Way- Kinsale. There is something exceptionally magical about driving into Kinsale. It automatically gives a feeling of joy, peace, and tranquility.

Our first stop was just after the bridge in Oysterhaven for some authentic fresh pizza. There is a food truck on the side of the road who make amazing pizzas and better yet, they are only €10 each. We ordered one Salami pizza and one chicken and garlic pizza. Yummy!

After filling the hunger hole, we drove on to the famous Old Head cliffs of Kinsale. It was very windy and extremely cold but my goodness was it breathtaking!

It is one of those views where you look at the sky and rays of light escape through the clouds. All I could think of was the glory of its creator.

It was a bright sunny day and the sky was undoubtedly showing off.

Down below was the magnificent image of green turquoise water glaring with rays of crystal light as the fading rays hit its surface.

In between the showy sky and the glaring water were a series of beautiful cliffs that almost stood as an auditorium for us mere mortal humans to stand and watch the awe-inspiring sight unfold before us.

It was windy and cold, but it was well worth it.

When we were frozen enough, we got back in the car and headed to the town for some coffee to warm up. There are loads of lovely little and big restaurants in Kinsale town but we chose to go to a pub outside the town but with a killer view.

Bulman pub is quite famous for its yellow quote of paint and the gorgeous view of the water. On a lovely summers day, it would be the perfect spot for an outside lunch or even just a sunset drink.

We saw a majestic sunset as the sun faded away in the near distance. It was a sight that belonged in a painting on a wall or in a magazine. It was too cold to sit outside and enjoy the show. However, we did enjoy a few drinks in the lovely warm pub.

We had a great time in Kinsale and will definitely be back to explore what else the beauty has to offer. The best part was that we only spent all of €30 per couple and we had great fun spending every penny.

If you are an explorer and have been to Kinsale, do you have any suggestions on where to visit next time we are in the area?

Hit me up!

Have a great week guys.



How to travel cheaply

So I have always been a DIY girl when it comes to traveling. I book everything myself and try not to use a middleman to avoid extra charges and keep the costs down.

I honestly don’t travel that often but when I have traveled I made it count.

If you are fishing for ways to travel cheaply, keep reading. I am going to give you my tips and tricks.

First of all, you need time to plan, book and save for your trip so I would give myself about a year or two prior to intended travel dates to start planning depending on how happy my pockets are.

The very first thing you need to do is decide where you want to travel to. Once you have figured that out, it’s time to figure out which time of the year you want to travel in.

**TinyTip 1: off-season times are the cheapest to travel to destinations. Usually, offseasons are Spring and Autumn months. If you travel in these times, you will save yourself over 50% of your travel costs.

*TinyTip 2: if you are flexible about when to travel, you might be able to find the best deals.

*TinyTip 3: The cheapest day to fly on is Wednesday.


I book my flights on Jet cost or Sky Scanner which I have found gives the cheapest flights available. (Correct me if I am wrong). If you are likely to cancel your trip, I recommend that you pay the extra charge in order to get a free cancellation. If you are going without a doubt, there is no need to pay this at all.

I use Airbnb to find accommodation. In my opinion, unless I am going to be in a 4-5 star hotel, I would rather a 5 star rated Airbnb property than a 1-3 star hotel. It costs much less and if you find a highly rated property, it will be clean and feel just like a 5-star hotel. (That’s my opinion anyway)

If you are into hotels, you can get great deals on and if you opt for the ‘no cancellation’ option. This means that you have to part with the lump sum for the entire stay at time of booking but in my opinion, it is worth it.

The next thing you need to decide is if you are happy to use the available public transport or hire a private car. If you are going on an extremely low budget, public transport will give you a chance to get up close and personal with the locals. If your budget allows for a car hire, Budget International is a great site to source a budget car hire. Please read the fine print of your car hire details as there might be some hidden costs involved and if there are, you need to prepare for them.


Once you have travel dates, flights and accommodation booked, you can now start to plan things to do. Check websites like the local Groupon to get great deals on entrance tickets, excursion discounts, restaurant coupons e.t.c.

If there is no Groupon where you are traveling to, search online for available great deal websites in the area.

Once you have done all this, all you need to do is SAVE SAVE SAVE!

**BigTip 1: if you really want to travel cheaply, plan a trip to a country where the value of the local currency is lower than your own country’s currency.

*BigTip 2: If you want to save on expensive flights, you can travel to a nearby country or town where life is cheaper than life in your own town.

I hope this post helps you plan your next budget trip.

I would love to know how you plan your cheap holidays. Do you have any tips for me?



A year in the Seychelles

Late one evening in March of 2015, we decided to move to a little paradise Island called Seychelles. What most don’t know is that we knew no one there, didn’t really have savings and had no jobs lined up. All we had was a youthful travel bug a little cash we made after we sold a few household materials and our car.

This is the most daring thing I have ever done and I must say, It was well worth it.

We arrived in Seychelles on a mucky Friday evening. It was excruciatingly hot as we were not used to the 100% humidity levels.

It was the gorgeous place I had ever seen. I felt like I stepped off the plane and walked into a page in a destination magazine, only better.

We enjoyed the weekend and met a few people but on the following Monday, we jumped straight into finding jobs. It was not easy, I tell you. Seychelles have very strict working laws for foreigners and unlike huge countries like the USA and UK, if you are working illegally in Seychelles the government will know about it.

I got on the phone and called every single preschool listed in the yellow pages and asked if they had a job. After calling almost all the schools in the country, I found out that the Seychelles government does not hire foreign teachers to teach preschoolers. I could only work in private schools which there were all of about 4 on the whole Island.

Fortunately, the last school I called had a position open for a head teacher and they hired me on spot.

We both managed to find jobs and earn a local living within 3 weeks. It was just enough salary to live as locals did. The difference that we didn’t have relatives to share accommodation or bills with and the rent in Seychelles is almost as bad as it is in London. This meant that most of our hard earned money went into paying rent, which we didn’t mind at all because we were living in paradise.

There is not much to do in Seychelles but go to the beach. Restaurants and hotels are so expensive that locals cannot afford to indulge. So for entertainment, we ‘settled’ for the fine white sandy beaches with fresh turquoise blue water and sunsets that just took your breath away.

We had such a great time together. Every Friday after work, we would buy a bottle of wine and go to a hidden beach for ‘sundowners’ and watch the sunset. It was like an extended honeymoon for us. It was quiet, peaceful and the people were delightful.

We followed a dream and it led us to a beautiful paradise Island where we lived for almost a year before we embarked on our Eurotrip.

Were we terrified? Of course! I mean if things hadn’t worked out, we would have taken the walk of shame back home with no house, furniture or a car.

However, we did our best. As much as we didn’t live like royalty in Seychelles, we indeed lived like Island natives, and in my opinion, the latter is so much better.

If you would like to visit/live in Seychelles, here are a few tips for you.

1). Arrange your own travels. Book your own flight and accommodation before arrival. Then you can negotiate with the tour guides on excursion prices. Travel agencies are way too expensive.

2.) If you are a teacher and would like to live in Seychelles, apply to the International School of Seychelles or public secondary schools and you stand a good chance of being hired as they are always looking for experienced teachers.

3). It is extremely expensive to rent a house so you might want to look into Airbnb for short term holidays and sharing with other travelers for longer term stay.

4). There is not much to do. There are one cinema and 1 small mall. You can snorkel, island hop and eat out but all that is tourist activities so expect to pay tourist rates.

5). Things work extremely slowly in Seychelles. I know some of you are thinking “they work slowly in the whole of Africa” but I can assure you, Seychelles is on a whole new level of slow motion.

6) If you are booking on Airbnb make sure the accommodation you are booking with is licensed. This is because when you arrive at the airport, the immigration officer will request to see your hotel/accommodation booking and if your accommodation is not licensed, you might not be allowed to enter the country.

7). If you are looking for work, make friends with the locals. You will always find a guy who knows a guy because that’s how things work on the Island.

Well my dears, I hope this had been an insightful post on our trip to Seychelles.

Have you been? Would you like to go?

Let me know!



how we spent our Sundays
new friends on the island


Walk in the city
sunsets in Seychelles
the little car that gave us A LOT of problems


treats at the beach
my little sister posing at the beach
full on lunch at the beach

Visiting Cape Town

There is no sunset quite like an African sunset and one seen from one of the seven wonders of the world is an indescribable sight.

Cape Town! The most beautiful city in the world, in my opinion.

A little while ago, my family and I went on holiday to Cape Town South Africa, and man was it an amazing one.

It was not my first time in Cape Town. In fact, I went to college there. I lived there for 3 years so I knew exactly what it looked like. My experience when I lived there and when I vacationed there are definitely two separate worlds.

First off, when I lived there I was on a student budget. I don’t know where y’all come from but where I come from, student budgets are slim to none. The parents pay for everything in advance and give you a small allowance at the beginning of each month in which you have to fit all your monthly expenses. This was definitely not a time to enjoy the wonderful luxuries that Cape Town had to offer.

Don’t get me wrong, we had our fun- loads of it. However, the fun was always limited by our broke student budget and we definitely didn’t get any luxuries.

Fast forward 5 years and I ended up planning a trip to Cape Town for a friend’s wedding. Fortunately, my friend told me her wedding date early on in the year so time was on my side when it came to saving and budgeting.

We started booking as early as June for a trip we would take in December.

We found a great price for flights on jet and once we booked the flights, everything else fell in and around our arrival and departure dates.

In July, we booked our accommodation on Airbnb which cost us about €50 per night for the first five nights as my husband and I were to move to a bigger house when my family joined us. We then hired a rental car on Budget Cars which we paid for in August. Now that our biggest expenses were taken care of, all we had to do was save our spending money, and save we did.

It was a glorious Thursday afternoon. Not glorious as in it was a lovely day as it was the start of a really icy winter and that particular day was cold, dark and gloomy. It was glorious because I was leaving on a sun holiday for a month and it felt like we were never coming home.

We flew with Turkish Airways. The flight was not too bad save for the fact that we were confined in it for 13 whole hours on end. I thought I was going to die of old age before I ever stepped foot in Cape Town.

We finally reached CPT International Airport and this is when the story got interesting.

I must warn you that immigration in Cape Town is pretty slow so be prepared to stay in line for at least an hour especially in peak times like December.

Another thing you should be aware of if you are renting a car from the airport is that the lines are also really long and extremely slow moving so prepare to be frustrated a little.

We checked into our Airbnb which was in an extremely lovely suburb called the Marina Da Gama in Muizenburg which is on the southern peninsula of Cape Town.

Our accommodation was a small but very cozy bedsit which opened up onto the vlei (river). It was the most glorious sight to wake up to in the mornings. Definitely a welcome change from my daily European city suburban views.

The first place we visited was the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock. If you have only one Saturday in Cape Town and are wondering where to spend it, this is the place, guys. The food here is to DIE for! Not to mention the beautiful live music playing and the rich vibrant culture oozing all around you.

One thing to keep in mind at the Old Biscuit Mill is that the neighborhood is a little rough so be careful when walking approaching from your car. Parking is a bit of a tight squeeze and you will need to pay someone to attend your car and keep it safe.

*TinyTip- take a taxi cab and you will avoid all the parking drama.

Other than this, you will not regret spending your Saturday at the Old Biscuit Mill.

The Monday after we arrived, we spent the morning in Camps Bay. First on the agenda was breakfast in La Belle Bistro and Bakery. We had a full English breakfast which was quite decent. The cocktails here are some of the best I have ever had and would definitely recommend them. The view of the beach was incredible and for that reason, we were happy to part with a little more cash than we would have in another restaurant.

After a heavy breakfast, we strolled down to the beach and had a lazy lie on the beach sunbeds that were rented to us for R70 each and 1 umbrella for R50.

**TinyTip- take your own umbrella.

The next day, we went to Boulders beach to see the famous penguins. Oh, what a lovely sight! To be honest, it was lovely to see the family of penguins showing off as they were clearly aware that they had a whole beach of tourists watching them. I was honestly bored within fifteen minutes so we left for the Chapman’s Peak Drive which was yet another marvelous view.

***A TinyTip about visiting Boulders beach is to arrive early and get the nice shady spots of a sunny day or bring an umbrella.

In the evening, we met a few friends for sundowners on Clifton beach. It was unusually windy for December so we got a nice spot behind a huge rock. I must say, guys, the sunset here was the gorgeous sunset I have ever seen- unspoiled and uninterrupted.

On Wednesday, We went to the V&A waterfront. Now if you love shopping as much as I do, this will be heaven for you. Oh, what an experience!

We also went to the Sevruga restaurant which was really lovely. If you are a seafood kind of person, This is probably one of the best seafood restaurants in Cape Town.

On Thursday we didn’t do much as we were exhausted from the week of traveling and tourist activity. We also needed a little rest as the rest of the family was arriving on Friday and we needed to regain our energy for that situation.

As this post is already long enough, I shall only list the rest of the places we visited while we were in Cape Town.

1. Ratanga Junction– Definitely recommend you go as a group. It is great fun and such an adrenaline rush. Sadly, they are closing in 2018.

2. Beau Constantia– wine farm- Lovely experience tasting different wines and dining out on a lovely summer’s day.

3. Cubaña Restaurant Claremont– has only the BEST chicken wings in the whole wide world.

4. Mugg & Bean – Best breakfast menu in my opinion and great prices. Save for a restaurant in Camps Bay and one in Hout Bay, we had breakfast in Mug & Bean every morning.

5. Jakes on the Common in Noordhoek was a fantastic family restaurant with a great outdoor space and amazing food. It was so good, we went for lunch three times.

6. The Cape Wheel– an experience that gives you a 360-degree glimpse of the marvel that is Cape Town.

That’s all for today folks. We had a great time in the mother city and hope to be back very soon.



Signal Hill views

Table Mountain
Table Mountain
Posing at the V&A Waterfront
Breakfast in Camps Bay

Outside our little bedsit home

Fun at Ratanga Junction

Cape Town Ribs are to DIE for
Fun at Ratanga Junction